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CareCredit offers No Interest and Low Monthly Payment Options, No Up-Front Costs, No Pre-Payment Penalties and No Annual Fees so you can show off those pearly whites as soon as you're ready!

Whether you have dental insurance or not, many services aren't covered. CareCredit can help you get the healthy, radiant smile you've always wanted with No Interest* and low monthly payment plans.

If your dentist recommends a procedure your wallet's not quite ready for, or you want cosmetic dentistry to show off your pearly whites, you can get your procedure sooner with the card designed for your health and beauty needs. You can also use CareCredit for follow-up appointments or different procedures. So feel free to put a big smile on your face.Apply today and you'll be smiling bright in no time.Special interest rates for specific time periods.

Many credit cards offer teaser or introductory rates for a limited time. CareCredit offers special interest rates every time you use it.
We offer No Interest* plans from 3 to 24 months and Extended Payment Plans for up to 60 months with lower monthly payments and a fixed interest rate of 13.9%.

Why CareCredit?
Shore Smiles offers You Two Great Finance Options!

How is CareCredit different from my other credit cards?
With CareCredit, you can get either a NO INTEREST payment plan or an extended LOW FIXED INTEREST payment plan every time you use it. Most credit cards only offer special or low interest plans for short periods or upon sign up.

How long do I have to pay off my treatment fees?
The length of time you have to pay depends on the promotional payment plan that you choose when you use the card. Not all CareCredit providers offer all promotional plans, so ask your provider for details.

How do I qualify for CareCredit?
Approval is based on information from your credit application and past credit history. This includes information from the primary applicant as well as any co-applicant.

Why do doctors offer CareCredit?
Many patients put off treatments and procedures because they cannot afford to pay. Doctors offer CareCredit payment plans as a convenient option to consumer credit cards, cash or checks. CareCredit allows you to pay over time often without incurring interest charges instead of a lump sum prior to treatment. Offering CareCredit removes the accounts receivable responsibilities from the doctor and allows them to focus on recommending and providing the best care to their patients.

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